Taking Flower Pills

I'm Haley and I'm a conceptual portrait photographer in Houston, Texas.
I like sleeping and I'm very pessimistic.

David Agenjo

Artist born in Madrid (1977) and currently living in London, David Agenjo firstly worked as graphic designer before completely devoting himself to painting. Save the series “Up & Down in Town” inspired by the city of Dublin, he essentially focus on the human body which he develops the expression favoring the shine of the acrylic pigments, the texture of the layers and the synthesis of the movement.

Agenjo always uses a secondary canvas as a palette, this second canvas/palette becomes the new surface on which to overlay and merge the next figurative composition. This palette, covered in random color combinations and textures, becomes the underlayer for his next figurative painting.

In this way, his unpredictable abstract work interacts with his more conscious figurative work process, and each of his paintings is organically linked to the previous one, almost like DNA.