Taking Flower Pills

I'm Haley and I'm a conceptual portrait photographer in Houston, Texas.
I like sleeping and I'm very pessimistic.

Anonymous asks: You are so young and so talented and so dedicated. It's amazing, you're amazing, and the way you push through things will get you very far. Good luck!

ugh this is so kind thank you so much lovely <3

Anonymous asks: Haley, I really admire you and a) I wish I could produce photographs that are as stirring as yours and b) admire how persistent you are when it comes to your problems. You never give on people and you are always to be a friends when others are in need. Believe me when I say that your a role model.

oh my god im in tears thank you so so so much for this message
and im so grateful that thats how i come off to people, i care so much about everyone and im glad it comes off as such. thank you for having faith in my, it really means a lot.

Anonymous asks: it's great to watch your photography getting more amazing every shoot, and I believe someday you'll get the attention you deserve from the world

wow thank you so much
it really means a lot to me
i hope youre right ♡

Anonymous asks: i hope everything is okay, tomorrow is always a new day :) you are beautiful and talented and super cool and i hope everything is well soon!

thank you dear, i hope so as well.
hope you’re well xo

Haley Harper - Angie

Haley Harper - Angie

Anonymous asks: I think your name is very captivating. One can seductively whisper your name, or one can obnoxiously yell it. Although either way it'll always be beautiful because you are Haley. You truly are extravagant.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Anonymous asks: You are full of flowers, you are beautiful, you are the sea: you have an immense capacity to do anything you set yourself to do. You are strong even on your weakest days. You can do it.

this made me cry
thank you for this
thank you thank you thank you

miss-cellaneousness asks: You've made so much progress with your photography and you're getting even better!! I've been following for a while and I've gotten to see how talented you are <3

aw man! well thank you for following me for so long and dealing with my constant bullshit and lame ass

Anonymous asks: hey friend! You're a talented, creative cutie. Take some deep breaths and remember to let go of all the negative stress that you're holding in. Sending good vibes your way!

this is really sweet, thank you for this.
i hope you’re having a good night :’)