Taking Flower Pills

I'm Haley and I'm a conceptual portrait photographer in Houston, Texas.
I like sleeping and I'm very pessimistic.

Myself taken by Chris Aizen

Myself taken by Chris Aizen

ni-vale asks: Pick a song for every hour of a typical day/make a soundtrack of your day!

oh wow this is so interesting okay!

11a - white trash vhs // coma cinema
12p - acrobat // angel olsen
1p - inside your house; it will swallow us too // ricky eat acid
2p - satan’s tape // happy trendy
3p - scandinavian crush // craft spells
4p - weightless // washed out
5p - rat baby // crying
6p - music to walk home by // tame impala
7p - no destruction // foxygen
8p - here here // islands
9p - i will do this for the rest of my life // julia brown
10p - birthday song // frankie cosmos
11p - crazier with you // elvis depressedly
12a - everything’s cool // r.l. kelly
1a - im tired and i hate this song (dont go) // cyberbully mom club
2a - change // euphoria again

i tried to make it so that the songs went well together + i basically put the times of day that im awake so from 11am to 2am
for all the smaller less known bands i links u guys to their bandcamps so u can listen to them and download them for free ok cool!!

thanks for this ask, it was a lot of fun to do!



I’m giving away one of my photographs shown in my first exhibit, pressure. This 11x14 matte print is mounted on 3/16” black ultraboard with 1/2” cleats on the back for easy hanging. This is a 1/1 print and will not be reprinted. It is signed and numbered on the back.

One week from today (Monday, August 18th) I will randomly choose the winner. To be considered for the random selection you must:

  • Be following me (parkerwoods.tumblr.com)
  • Reblog this post

That’s it! Feel free to message me with any questions. Good luck.

damn i really hope i get this
parker is truly an inspiration i have so much love for him/his work

anyone would be lucky to have this though
parker u rule

Anonymous asks: Sweet mamma, I would wife you. O_O

yooooo thats really good to hear thnx m8!!!!

Haley Harper - 8/10/14

these pictures i just took are soo good and im so proud of myself
my remote battery is dead so i took over 100 pictures setting my timer to 10 seconds and running back and forth to try to get the shot / checking to see if it worked / running back and repeating this process — i was completely covered in sweat (thank you houston humidity) and eaten up by mosquito but i think they turned out really nice and dream like so that is all that matters to me

hope you guys like em!

Haley Harper - 8/10/14

Here’s a rad pic of myself taken by Chris Aizen

Here’s a rad pic of myself taken by Chris Aizen

Haley Harper
Haley Harper - Blair