Taking Flower Pills

I'm Haley and I'm a conceptual portrait photographer in Houston, Texas.
I like sleeping and I'm very pessimistic.

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ya girls gonna be green haired again sooon :~)

ya girls gonna be green haired again sooon :~)

Anonymous asks: What got you into photography?

i always had a fascination with it whenever i was younger, as i grew up some i kept thinking what it was that i wanted to try out and photography was it. i started taking photo classes in high school and really learned to love it ~ especially film photography. however i am primarily a digital photographer now which is kind of funny.

i think the reason i love it so much is because i can create something that is there but most people don’t notice. whether it being by taking it at a certain angle or a particular thing is in focus or if im creating a composite of several images, basically creating an entire new world. i love how there’s so many options and way of approaching it and i think this allows me to portray my emotions and thoughts through images.

most people are thrown off by dark and sometimes morbid images but that is what im attracted to. i think there’s something eerie and cool about dark photos, which is why 95% of my work is like that. idk i just love the fact that you are capable of portraying any and all emotions through images, just like painting, drawing, music, etc.

rachelsulman asks: damn you take fab photos.

ahhhh thank you so much!!!!!!!

finally getting to work some more on my photo series in the next couple days so be on the lookout :~)))))


Haley Harper - Death Will Grow My Jasmine, pt. ii


Haley Harper - Death Will Grow My Jasmine, pt. ii

Anonymous asks: What is a paranormal situation you've experienced?

nothing that i can think of

Anonymous asks: How can I be happy..

alcohol!!!!!!!!! weed!!!!!

nah but for real, you need to surround yourself with good people that bring you up and influence you positively. get into a hobby that you enjoy, dabble in things until you find a thing you enjoy/are good and things will fall into place from there!

Anonymous asks: what is your favorite band?

i don’t really have a single favorite band but these are my favorites as of right now:

elvis depressedly/coma cinema, alex g, american football, angel olsen, washed out, told slant, islands, wavves, teen suicide/julia brown, portugal  the man, mac demarco, of montreal

excuse me hello pay attention to me